September 19, 2013

Participating in a trade show is a tremendously effective way of delivering your brand and message directly to a large and varied audience, but the process of setting up and manning a booth is certainly not without its stresses. A perfect tool to make your life easier during these exhibitions is an interactive kiosk. Rental of one or more of these devices for your booth can take a huge load off your mind, providing an engaging way of informing potential customers while allowing you the time to focus on other aspects of your trade show presence (such as showcasing your products and services while attracting new business).

tradeshow kioskInformation At Your Fingertips

An interactive kiosk is an enormously versatile tool that can be like having an additional knowledgeable company representative by your side throughout the day. Consider just two of its innumerable benefits:

  • Preload the kiosk with media files and you can easily illustrate any aspect of your business that an attendee may be interested in.
  • Quickly collect the contact information of individuals with whom you intend to follow up at a later date.

Top-of-the-line kiosks boast the 23-inch HP TouchSmart integrated desktops to allow visitors to easily navigate any preloaded material you wish, while the stand itself is customizable with your own logo or graphics, providing an eye-catching and inviting appearance. Our trade show rental technicians will help you set up your display, allowing you to put aside the arduous task of installation so that you can focus on networking.

The Freedom To Network

Of course, one of the main draws of a trade show is the ability to interact with potential clients, selling them on your organization and putting yourself front-and-center in their minds. However, one of the drawbacks of this real face time is that occasionally you can get buttonholed by someone who has a litany of very basic questions about your services; while this sort of curiosity is surely not something you want to discourage, it can become counterproductive if someone starts to monopolize your time. With a kiosk set up at your booth, it’s easy to politely direct these people to your preloaded FAQ or any other educational materials you’ve stored in the kiosk, allowing you to pay adequate attention to other inquisitive visitors.

Trade show participants always want a trade show booth to attract as many visitors as possible, and with a interactive kiosk rental service, you can ensure that your exhibit is the most attention-grabbing and illuminating showcase possible for your organization.

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