A device that notifies you that a good prospect is in your booth - who wants that?!?!?!

April 21, 2016

Image you are in your booth talking to a prospect that you know is a cold lead -  right now they are just fishing for information when kazaam - a hot prospect walks into your booth!  How do you know it is a hot prospect?  Your phone told you based on the visitor profile that you reviewed prior to the show.  Introducing the SmartTrac by Hubventsgraph_4-189x6301.png.

Hubvents SmartTrac is a wearable technology designed to track real life activities in indoor locations.  SmartTrac combines a small two-way beacon for each attendee (attached to the badge lanyard) and proximity sensors in exhibit booths, meeting loungers, meeting rooms and other areas to relay relevant  insights, reporting and notification to event audiences.  

For the exhibitor this SmartTrace analyzes visitor profiles and behavioral attributes to identify high -value prospects, notifying the exhibitor as they arrive at the booth.  Additionally, the system connects with the exhibitors CRM accounts, sending a notification when CRM prospects are either near or approaching the booth.  HOW COOL IS THAT!

For additional information contact http://www.hubvents.com/ 

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