7 Marketing Ideas to Get More Traffic in Your Booth When at a Trade Show

June 15, 2021

In this digital era, the idea of attending a trade show might seem old school, but it’s inarguably an incredible investment. Trade shows have the capability to make a massive return on investment for your brand.  But, despite being a noteworthy investment of money, time and staff, a trade show is not guaranteed to be a valuable endeavor. That’s why you need to capitalize on everything possible to get more traffic to your booth. So how do you get potential clients flocking to your booth?

You need to come up with a defined trade show marketing strategy. This way, you can get the right prospects, network with the right leads, generate custom trade show boothvaluable feedback, build new business relationships, and drive more sales.  Here are 7 marketing ideas to get more traffic in your trade show booth:

Conduct Pre-Event Outreach

The biggest but avoidable mistake that most marketers do on trade shows is to entirely depend on random traffic that comes to your booth. And that’s where pre-event outreach comes in. It involves promoting the trade show before it starts. The first step is to alert your existing prospects through word of mouth and email lists and let them know you will be at the event.

Second, use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and more or your website to reach out to potential leads you would like to interact with during the show. Offer VIP access to your entertainment, or send out invitations for product demos and meetings. You can also go ahead and liaise with event organizers to help target confirmed attendees who haven’t heard about your product or brand yet.

Use Visual Appeal

Although it’s not the most important factor to consider, investing in the right look and feel of your booth can be a total game-changer. An appealing stand gives you the unbridled chance to attract more traffic. And, it is a perfect reflection of your company, which should trigger the right message, that is, professional and welcoming.

There is a wide array of exhibit designs and plenty of stand designers who can help you build the right stand depending on your budget. It’s important to understand that modular exhibit systems have become more popular since they weigh less than conventional exhibits and are easier to transport.

Moreover, you can extend the visual appeal to set yourself apart with specialized trade show lighting and displays. You can also apply simple rules such as greet your prospects, maintain eye contact, and smile.

Find a perfect location

A high volume of quality and qualified traffic at your trade booth has a huge potential to make a significant return on investment. And one of the key indicators is the location of your stand.

That said, you need to have a look at the map of the trade show and pinpoint the high traffic spots such as entries, exits, restrooms, charger stations, snack booths, among others. It’s no surprise if you find a low-cost booth in a high-traffic area even if it’s far from the entrance. Also check whether the trade show offers a ceiling hanger, which is an ideal way for potential prospects to identify your booth across the conference center.

Interactive Content

Integrating interactive touch screens such as tablets throughout your booth is an ideal way to engage with and generate leads. For instance, they can come up to the devices and engage with the content. The content can include interactive videos, surveys, quizzes, demos, or even prize entries.

Develop Calls-To-Action 

When planning your trade show marketing strategy you need to ask several questions in order to get the most out of the trade show. For example, what are you planning to promote? What’s your main message and selling points? What’s next for your prospects after connecting with them?

That’s why you need a game plan, which you should pre-promote both internally and externally. Also, make sure you have the right means to follow-up and measure the impact of the trade show on your business.

Healthy Snacks 

Candy and donuts are a staple in trade shows, but you can do it differently. How about you offer low-sugar and high-protein snacks? You cannot ignore how people have become more health-conscious these days. So if you offer healthy snacks after every few hours, you will be a reigning champion and stand a chance to convert more leads.

Take photos and video 

You can have your staff lookout for opportunities to take photos and interview people. You can choose to stream on social media or share them in real-time. Then after the event, you can conduct a post-event video, which you can use to promote your brand online.

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