5 Essential Gadgets for Trade Show Booth Planners

April 21, 2015

Technology is cool to have at your event.  But whether you want to save time, be more efficient or make a good impression at your next meeting or event, these items could definitely help you along the way.  Here are some examples of essential gadgets for event planners:

1. Digital Pentechology

What is it?

A digital pen converts handwritten analogue information into digital data.It is discreet, uses real ink and writes on paper. The only difference between this digital pen and the pen in your  pocket is the digitisation of your pen strokes– every word, doodle, sketch, or scribble is converted to a digital page that is then saved to your PC or laptop.

Benefits: Never lose your notes again! Instead of carrying your heavy laptop, take this light weight pen with you.

2. Power Bank

What is it?

A power bank is a portable charger for all your devices and it is an absolute must-have gadget for business travellers.

Benefits: Buying and carrying spare batteries for each of your devices is impractical. So, you need to have your own portable power bank that you can use to charge the batteries of your devices. Once you buy a power bank, you do not have to worry again about running out of battery. You can talk longer, watch more videos or listen to your meeting recordings for as many times as you like.

3. Mini Projectors

What is it?

Mini projectors are devices that enable the use of an image projector via a hand-held device.

They are also known as pico-projectors. They can be attached to a mobile phone, camera or tablet and provide a convenient way to quickly project content on these devices onto anysurface such as walls, notebooks, or airplane food trays. 

Benefits: These devices are awesome as a back-up if anything goes wrong with the venue projectors.

They are also a good (and impressive) way to present something on the fly to a group of people at meeting or networking event.

4. Laser Keyboard

What is it?

A laser or projection keyboard is a type of computer input device whereby the image of a virtual keyboard is projected onto a surface and when a user touches the keys projected onto the surface, the device records the corresponding keystroke.

Benefits: Today more and more people use smartphones and tablets, especially on business trips. As these devices typically do not have physical keyboards, it is challenging when you need to write a lengthy document or respond to your emails faster– that’s why the laser keyboard is an essential gadget for event planners on the go. And the best part? It is compact and small enough to keep in your pocket!

5. Google Chromecast

What is it?

With Google Chromecast anything from the internet can be played on a TV by directly streaming it via Wi-Fi or a local network. It allows you to display online content on HDTV and makes television the centre of the internet. Chromecast works with apps for streaming video andallows users to open a Chrome tab remotely, on their big-screen TV.

Benefits: No cables are needed and you can stream any content remotely straight to your TV. Unlike other set-top boxes, the Chromecast takes up virtually no space. If you have an open HDMI port and a place to plug in the power, you’ll never even see the little device…oh and did we mention that it’s extremely cheap?!

Guest blogger:  Netania Engelbrecht at Azavista - read the entire article and find all the sources at https://blog.azavista.com/5-essential-gadgets-event-planners/





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