Making the Most of Your Used Trade Show Booth

Exhibit Trade-Ins

The first step in our trade-in program is to send us a photo of your trade show display with the details (measurements, cases, etc). If it looks to be in good shape we will provide you a verbal offer on the trade-in and then if agreed upon, the next step would be to ship it to us for inspection. In the meantime, we can work with you on your requirements for a new exhibit and provide you with a design and a quote, independently of any trade-up.

So what if you can’t sell your exhibit and you do not want to trade it in? Never, never, never just discard your booth in the trash. First of all it is expensive to do this and secondly, it is wasteful. Send us a picture and the details and we will help you find a good home for it. How? You would not believe the number of places looking for something like this – maybe just to be in their offices. We have donated several exhibits over the years and we continue to be amazed at how they are used. Some examples have included: fabric pop-ups used as a backdrop in a Chicago public school for their student in a video class, an information booth in a county preserve office that is trying to demonstrate the wildlife in their area, a backdrop in a adult handicap facility to showcase client artwork….the possibilities are endless!!

If you are interested in trading-in your booth or you need help getting it donated (we will not charge you) then fill out the form and we will start the process to help you out and to recycle a product that others can benefit from.

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